Preoperative Experience for Donors

Preoperative Experience for Donors

When you have gone through all the extensive investigations with bloodwork, urine testing, special testing and imaging as required, you will be approved by the Transplant Team as a good kidney donor candidate.

The type of operation, whether open or laparoscopic or other, and the side of the operation (left or right) will now be known to you and the operation will be scheduled for sometime in the future.

As your operative date approaches, in the weeks leading up to your procedure, you may be required to complete some additional preoperative blood and urine testing to update your file and ensure things haven’t changed  in preparation for the procedure.

You may then be scheduled to either have a telephone screening conversation or in-person appointment with the PreAdmission Clinic (PAC) during which time an Anesthesiologist will chat with you regarding your health conditions and answer any questions you might have regarding the anesthetic and postoperative pain control portions of your upcoming operation.  PAC staff may also decide to order additional testing as required to ensure you are optimally evaluated prior to the procedure.

Typically, a colonic cleanse and enema are not required preoperatively for donor surgery.  However, you will not be able to eat or drink anything after midnight on the day prior to your operation.

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The Transplant Program in BC is very active in various aspects of Research, whether that be in basic science, clinical research, quality assurance, or technology.

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