Who is a good kidney donor?

Who is a good kidney donor?

These days, so long as you are an individual in fairly good health and willing to give up an organ to a patient with end stage renal disease, you could be considered for donor workup.

It is no longer a requirement to be a blood type match (A, B, AB, O) between the donor and recipient in order for qualify the donor and recipient to go forwards in the process as we have programs to overcome these limitations: Living Donor Paired Exchange, Desensitization therapy, ABO incompatible transplantation and the like.

Most contemporary programs will allow potential donors who have controlled high blood pressure to be considered for workup.

Diabetics, those people with poor kidney function or other kidney disease and those active untreated medical conditions such as cancer also may be considered on a case-by-case basis and are not excluded outright per se.

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